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Turkish Hops and London Brewing Project: ŞEREFE'S

Exclusive contribution on London beer culture by Lakerda. In collaboration with 40ft Brewery, Anadolu Efes, a special beer Serefes Pale Ale brewed with Turkish hops (for the first time in history) outside of Turkey in Dalston, London along with event.

Rakı and Fish: A Mediterranean Seafood Odyssey – Gourmand World Cook Book Award 2014 – Best Food&Drinks Book

“First of all, this book is not a “cook book”. It’s not just a book about fish, nor is it just a book about about rakı; it’s a book that “reads: fish and seafood culture through rakı. It’s a book that chases after the scent of seafood in Mediterranean cities, and never without rakı: It takes the magic of fish and rakı to the ports that keep watch over Mediterranean history and shares it with the local people. It’s a book that savors the aroma of fish at the rakı table, about a kind of pleasure that demands time, taken for oneself and friends, to experience that joy together. In the words of the famous traveler Evliya Çelebi, “…because fish is a food for happiness and celebration!” To sum it up: If fish is happiness, then rakı is the celebration…”

Documentary: Meyhanes of Istanbul ( Istanbul Meyhane Belgeseli: Vuslatin baska alem)

As a port city, Istanbul is in possession of much precious “cargo,” and this cargo continues today to be a genuine treasure of humanity. It is a city with a rich geographical, historic and cultural fabric; one that has carefully held the wealth of an empire within it. As it preserves its special energy through the Republican period as well, Istanbul’s meyhanes continue as one of its timeless gifts to Mediterranean culture.

A vital part of the city’s “agoras,” Istanbul’s meyhanes, with their distinctive cuisine, etiquette and atmosphere, began on the shores of the Bosphorus and seeped throughout all her neighborhoods. These venues adapted to the rhythm of the city’s everyday life, providing endless inspiration to scholars, artists and intellectuals.

“Meyhanes of Istanbul” is a modest effort to spread awareness of this city’s unique flavor. Our goal was to come together, have a good conversation, let go of our sadness and leave the table in good spirits, nothing more.

Guide Book: Meyhanes and Fish Restaurants of Istanbul ( Istanbul Meyhaneleri ve Balık Lokantaları Rehberi)

Our goal was to look at one of Istanbul’s most colorful institutions from Byzantine to the present: its meyhanes or taverns (and fish restaurants), which have such a special place in the city’s history, literature, music and memories. More precisely, we wanted to see how the tradition has evolved. We visited 130 venues, talked with owners and employees, and did our best to tell something of their history, culture, buildings and décor, cuisine -in short, their stories- on a single page, in two languages (English and Turkish). To provide a few breaks in the tour of venues, we’ve tossed in some literary selections and quotes. We’ve provided some simple maps, and recommendations for fish (because natural is best), vegetables and fruits. We’ve compiled a list of some of the mezes that have become famous throughout the world, and the short section on meyhane slang offers a window into the Turkish meyhane and drinking culture.

B:ra (Beer culture Magazine)

A very first beer culture magazine in Turkish. Published between 2012-2014. Monthly on tablets, quarterly printed. Founder, publisher, and contributor.