Bon Appetit!

Lakerda is London-based, Istanbul inspired and Mediterranean rooted “meyhane”, “pub”, “tavern”, “ouzeria” of ideas… So, choose your table (or proposal) and do not hesitate to join the “company” where you can learn, observe, taste, enjoy, share, contribute, discover and co-produce!

Taste and Play

Lakerda is a new freelance journalism practice providing written and visual content and consultancy in football and culinary culture

It is Lakerda’s mission to produce well-structured content about food and football culture. By leveraging our extensive network of key players within the industry and unprecedented knowledge of its culture and history, Lakerda is able to offer distinguished know-how and advice on everything niche about culinary and football culture.

Consultancy topics

  • Research on in-depth knowledge of all historic and cultural aspects of culinary and football.
  • Collaboration between various mediums, culinary academies, and agents.
  • Developing comprehensive and institution-based reports and projects for entrepreneurs from culinary and football culture sectors.
  • Developing concepts that can be implemented by providing value-added advisory work to the hospitality sector.

Why Lakerda?

Lakerda, is the “indisputable” king of the mezze world made from fatty torik (large bonito). The people of Istanbul has been doing it since Byzantine era. Besides its fantastic taste, this preserved (salted or pickled) fish mezze, like all mezzes, also refers to the continuity of peoples common fest, company, cheer by ignoring all types of boundaries. It’s anachronical projection of long-awaited and beloved Istanbul’s multi-cultural heritage which still (and only) exists in the kitchens of the city.

Istanbul: city of geometries… Geography of humanitarian arcs, acute or obtuse angels, intersection or union of circles, tangents, cotangents, limits, probabilities… The city of collected memory, wisdom and intellect, like the phrase which was engraved at the door of Plato’s Academy: “Let no one ignorant of geometry enter!”. In addition to this phrase, the “Let no one ignorant of mezze enter” to the city!

Just kidding! You’re very welcome to the feast that inspired from the mezzes of Istanbul. The city that belongs to the history not only to now!

Mezze is the core issue, yet lakerda is the ‘king’ of the core issue. Thus, within this very frame of “tasty” business,, aims to consult or/and to collaborate with the related (or interested) actors whilst conducting their projects.

What has been accumulating in its cellar would be inspiring for the one who wants to enrich and diversify its ongoing food, culture and social business.


Turkish Hops and London Brewing Project: ŞEREFE'S

Exclusive contribution on London beer culture by Lakerda. In collaboration with 40ft Brewery, Anadolu Efes, a special beer Serefes Pale Ale brewed with Turkish hops (for the first time in history) outside of Turkey in Dalston, London along with event.